Breakfast At Stephanie's

A Musical Farce in Three Acts

Breakfast at Stephanie's
24 July
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I am the Duchess of all things Dork. When I'm not working or running around at church I like to hang out with the hubby, read books, squee over period costume movies, drink tea and lick the frosting off of Pop Tarts. I love only wearing one sock to bed.

Music I Like Right Now: Anything 80's New Romantic or Renfaire stuff. I'm loyal to the Air One Music Station but I miss 107.9 The End...if you lived near Cleveland in the early 90's, you know what I mean. I sing The Mary Tyler Moore theme song to get myself psyched up to do something!

Movies (Current & Old) I like: Marie Antoinette, Casablanca, Enchanted, & Coraline!

Books: I like mostly non fiction books that are about DIY or biographies about historical people. Although sometimes I indulge in guilty fiction reading too. I love magazines but I try to limit myself to big special Christmas and Halloween issues that are huge and have more whimsical pictures.

Blogs I like following: Alicia Paulson's rosylittlethings.com
Georgiana Cavendish's Gossip Guide To The 18th Century

I am inspired everyday by God's goodness and I try never to willfully close my eyes to what He'd have me see. Every day is a chance to love God through loving others and I try not to let oppurtunities pass me by.

Welcome to my little corner of the world!